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August 2015 Ipsy bag review

August 2015 Ipsy bag review

Ipsy is probably one of the best known beauty subscription boxes. For $10 a month (shipped) you can get several full or deluxe sized beauty products plus a cute makeup bag. I love getting it every month, its always fun to experiment with beauty products on the cheap.

Note-I do not receive any compensation from Ipsy! I spend my own money on this subscription every month and I am not being paid in any way to give a positive review. This is a subscription I've had for over a year that I want to share with you all!


subscription box: Ipsy

Cost: $10 a month, shipped

Products: Full and deluxe products based on your beauty profile

Delivered by: USPS


August 2015 Ipsy bag review

Firstly, the bag! This one is really cute, very classic and I will totally use it. It's not quite as "me" as last month's bag, but I still really like it!

August 2015 Ipsy bag review

Albertini International Divine skin hydrator/in shower body moisturizer. (About $2 worth) As someone with pretty dry skin, this product works for me. I've used baby oil in the shower before, and I can't wait to try this version of an in-shower moisturizer. I kind of wish it was a bigger size, because I think I'll end up using it all up in one shower, but still a great sample!

August 2015 Ipsy bag review

Jesse's Girl eye shadow primer. ($5.99) I will not use this. I don't really wear eye shadow that often and certainly not enough of it to need a primer. I may try and use this primer somewhere else on my face if I need to, but this is a pretty "meh" sample in my opinion. 

August 2015 Ipsy bag review

Skone Cosmetics luxe doubler eye/lip pencil in wine. ($12) This is pretty nice, actually. I don't know about using this color on my eyes per se, but I'd try it! And on my lips I'll use it for sure, especially when I want a more dramatic look.

August 2015 Ipsy bag review

La Fresh Group eco-beauty good night night cream. (about $10) It's crazy that this tiny sample is worth about $10, but I'm looking forward to using this too. I probably will use it first thing in the morning after a shower instead of "at night" but I'll use it!

August 2015 Ipsy bag review

Hikari Cosmetics lip gloss in salsa. ($13) I'm always excited to get lip glosses, but this lip gloss' pigment is INTENSE. I love the color, but I'm going to have to use it sparingly and in conjunction with a balm or other gloss that will dilute it slightly. But I am looking forward to experimenting with it.

This month was a solid 65/35 for me. Some of the products (like the moisturizers) I'll use, but the beauty products just seemed...a little off. Not quite as good as last month's bag, but pretty good. I went and took the style quiz again and am going to see if maybe that changes the products I get next month. Overall though, I'm pretty happy with some new products to experiment with! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your bag. I've heard great things about ipsy, and may have to treat myself to a subscription .