Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thrifted date night outfit!

Well, considering that snow is in the forecast for later this week, this will probably be the last 'fall' style outfit I'll be showing you for a while! I thought since I'll be bundling up from now on, I'd show you what I've been wearing on the regular date nights Noah and I go out for.

We try and go out on a mini date night together at least once a week, even if it's just to a movie at the dollar theater or for a quick beer. When we do these kinds of dates it doesn't require any kind of fancy dress, but I do like to get a bit more dressed up then I'd get for, say, grocery shopping! Today I'm going to show you basically what I wear, and oh, did I mention the whole thing was under $20? Yeah, keep reading to find out details!

This is the kind of thing I throw on when Noah and I hit up our favorite local craft beer bar, PreFunk, or just a low key movie. Maybe it's not "super de duper date night fancy" but we're not really fancy people so this kind of thing gets worn a lot! 

The details

Jeans: (thrifted) $5// Black peep-toed booties: (thrifted) $6// Leopard cardigan: (thrifted) $2// Tank: (Thrifted) $1// Chevron necklace: DIY// Silver celtic necklace: $0, a gift from Noah// Vintage purse: (thrifted) $4// Sunglasses: $1 store, $1

Not too shabby, right? Well I hope you're prepared for coats and scarves because it's cold here in Idaho now! But in the meantime, you should let me know what you all wear for casual date night in the comments below:

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