Monday, December 14, 2015

Clay Maiden Ceramics

For his birthday in October, Noah and I went on a mini weekend vacation to Phoenix, Arizona (where he's from). We stayed with his best friends, ate a lot of great food, and I got to tour the studio of Clay Maiden Ceramics, creative brainchild of Teri Howard. She makes some seriously adorable ceramic pieces, including the owl jewelry box above. I'm going to show off some of her work today, because there is no such thing as too much support of quality small business! 

I asked Teri to tell you all a little bit about her business in her own words to start (Also, check out her man's epic mustache. That thing practically has a life of it's own, it's majestic.)

"Hello everyone, I am Teri Howard the artist and owner of Clay Maiden Ceramics. I create along with my partner in crime (and decidedly better half), Jason. Everything we do is 100% handmade and most pieces are functional as well as beautiful (we aren’t just about looks!). We don’t use any molds or patterns, either, I start almost every piece on the potter’s wheel where I throw every single one of my base forms. I then alter each piece by hand and add the individual sculptural details that make each piece a unique original piece of art. The piece is then dried and bisque fired in my own oven. Jason swoops in and tag teams glazing for me which is brushed on like a paint and come out in an array of textures and colors, different each time. The piece is then loaded up into the kiln for one more super toasty glaze firing and Voila!"

In addition to the clever owl jewelry boxes in every color, she makes these sweet scentscy warmer houses, and the detail is incredible. This is my kid's favorite. My daughter said "oh my God mom, does that house have a candle inside? That's so cool!" I actually have been using this non stop since I got it, it works way better then my store-bought version. And the fancy store-bought version doesn't have tiny individual stones on the little stoop, or itty bitty little windows for the candlelight to shine through.

Last, and possibly coolest, is the gigantic lawn gnome cookie jar. Did I mention he's a steampunk gentleman lawn gnome cookie jar? 

His hat comes off (and reveals my messy tea collection which I'm not showing you!) so you can put things inside. The tiny goggles on his little hat even have screws. I've tried sculpting with clay before people, and it's not easy. I have no idea how she does this, much less glazes it that accurately.

And my absolute favorite part, the giant aqua octopus on the back of his jacket! EEEeeeeEEEee!

Thanks for checking out a really fantastic small business with me, lovely readers. If you live in Phoenix you can look for Clay Maiden Ceramics at local craft fairs and public events. Don't live in Phoenix? Don't worry, she has an Etsy store right here! And she gladly ships all over the country. You should follow her on Facebook as well, she's got a giveaway in the works this month, so you can enter to win your own piece. Good luck!

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