Monday, January 25, 2016

Make a personalized romantic gold-framed kiss print

Need a last minute gift? Me too!

Does anyone else have a hard time coming up with crafty presents for men? Men are so hard to make gits for! It seems like most DIY projects during any given holiday season are geared towards the 'her' in your life, be it your best friend, you mom, you sister, whatever. 

Well this year I wanted to make something for Noah that was romantic, personal, and something he actually might want to receive. I think I nailed it! This fancy-but-not-too-fancy romantic-but-not-too-mushy gold-framed personalized kiss print is pretty much the perfect low key, inexpensive but impressive gift for the man (or woman-I'm not judging!) in your life this Valentine's Day. 

Click through and I'll show you how to make your own!

This is such a fun and quick project, I'm excited to share it with you!


white paper
lipstick (multiple colors if you'd like)
a matted picture frame
gold spray paint
a pen (hardy har har...but you'll need one!)

The process:

1. Get yourself a picture frame with a mat (mine was thrifted for $0.99!). Clean it off it you need to.

2. Take our the mat and trace the opening lightly on your white paper. Gather your lipstick choices. I used several different colors so I could choose which one looked best with the finished mat.

3. Spray paint the mat with gold paint. I had gold spray paint left over from my gold-dipped heart trinket dish DIY last week.

4. Use your lipstick on your gorgeous lips, and go crazy on your white paper! Make several kiss prints in different colors.

5. Choose a personal message and scribble it on your kisses. I chose 'you get me' for an inside joke between Noah and I, making it much more personal. A simple 'I love you' or 'xoxo' would completely work, you don't have to come up with something clever on the spot!

6. Cut out the best kiss/message combo, and frame it as soon as your mat is dry. That's it!

You may now present the love of your life with a personal, intimate and romantic gift that costs next to nothing but makes it clear you put thought into it. Epic win!

Noah absolutely loves it! He put it by his side of the bed, isn't that sweet? Thanks for checking out my valentine's day projects, if you want to see more of my DIY's you can check those out here!

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