Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Style: Five tips for transitioning to spring with Ava Rae Boutique

Recently I got the opportunity to meet and grab drinks with the super sweet Marissa, owner of Ava Rae Boutique here in Boise. This businesswoman could not have been any more inspiring. She started her own business from her own home, and now her dream of a trendy boutique downtown with affordable cute clothes is a reality. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll already know that my daughter and I had a fun time checking out her store on a Mommy-daughter girl's day!

Just to let you know, no, she didn't pay me to write this post! Marissa and her boutique are both so cute I actually bought something from her, and wanted to tell you all about her. Everything in her store was totally affordable. Nothing was so expensive that I would have a hard time justifying buying it, which I'm personally really picky about. I love fashion, but I don't spend a lot of money on my clothes. I like experimenting too much! 

So because the weather here in Idaho is getting warmer by the minute, today I'm going to show you guys some of her cute clothes, and I'm giving you my top 5 tips for transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring! Click through for the tips and more outfit details!

1. Bust out your dresses! I keep a lot of my dresses in storage during the winter, because its just too cold here to wear them. But the second the weather outside hits 60 degrees I bring them out of the depths of my closet and start putting them into rotation. The dress I'm wearing today is Striped to Perfection from Ava Rae, and it's perfect for spring transition because it still has sleeves! And it's so comfy I felt like I was wearing jammies.  

2. Wear some layers. I only needed a light layer over this dress (because of the sleeves), but a cute vest or jacket helps add some warmth if it's a bit chilly outside. The khaki vest I'm wearing is thrifted, of course, for $1.

3. Add a cute accessory-you don't have to wear a scarf anymore! I love scarves, I have a huge collection. But when spring comes I'm always excited to be able to show off my jewelry again! I'm in love with pendant necklaces this season, and this suede leather tassel was perfect. Sadly it's sold out, but Ava Rae has a similar one here that's just as cute!

4. Rock some bare legs! I give up my leggings as soon as I possibly can each year without freezing to death. I look forward to spring and bare legs all winter long!

5. Add a little bit of floral. Spring is about flowers, right? Nothing says spring like bringing out a touch of floral. I got these Steve Madden shoes at the thrift store (for $3) over the winter and have been dying for a chance to pair them with something! This dress with the stripes was perfect!

You'll probably be seeing this formula in different ways a lot over the next few weeks, as it warms up into spring. I'm so excited to start showing off my new dresses! 

Thanks for checking out my tips, and be sure to go 'like' Ava Rae Boutique on Facebook and Instagram! Or better yet, if you're in Boise stop by and say hi to her in person!

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