Sunday, April 3, 2016

style: After work drinks at my favorite bar (thrift store finds outfit)

Today I get to show you guys two of my favorite things; My most recent thrift store scores, and my favorite bar!

Click through to see this outfit breakdown (spoiler, that blazer alone was originally over $400!) and more pictures of beer.

I was really excited that Heather (co-owner and bartender of my favorite bar, Pre-Funk Nampa) let us shoot this outfit in her bar. 

You guys...I. love. Her. Bar. 

And it's an authentic place to shoot these photos, because I'm there at least once a week drinking some delicious local craft beer. I love PreFunk so much that Noah bought me the coveted Golden Growler of Epicness for my birthday this year. . The growler that comes with a free beer every time you refill it. My husband knows me well, no flowers for me!

But enough about beer, you came to see my thrift store finds! 

Blazer: L.A.M.B, $6 (retails for over $400! Crazy) || Black pants: Old Navy, $8 || Shirt: Old (you can see it worn differently here) || Leather clutch: $4 || Necklace: Vintage, $6 || Shoes: Seychelles, $6

Outfit Total: $34! 

Yeah, you read that correctly. Even I was impressed! Especially since the original value of the blazer was so insane. 

And a huge thanks to the lovely Heather for letting me use her bar! Isn't she adorable? She and her husband Ryan are what makes going to PreFunk so much fun. They're both the nicest, friendliest most knowledgeable bartenders/owners I've ever met. 

If you liked this thrift store outfit, you should check out my style page for more, I'm always adding to it!

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