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Camp fire baked orange cinnamon rolls recipe

Camp fire baked orange cinnamon rolls recipe

So it’s basically proven that any food cooked over the fire tastes better then regular food cooked in a kitchen, right? And summer meals camp fire foods! Camp fire food just seems heartier and more nostalgic then regular old kitchen food to me, and I love eating around a fire. 

And what better to attempt then gooey, soft cinnamon rolls? I also love experimenting with new foods to make while enjoying some camp fire time. Well, I love experimenting with food any time, but a fire just makes it so much more fun! 

Camp fire baked orange cinnamon rolls recipe

These camp fire cooked orange cinnamon rolls can be made using just three easily packed and stored items; canned cinnamon rolls (are they really canned? If it’s cardboard I don’t know if that counts as canned), oranges and tinfoil. That’s it! 

How to cook cinnamon rolls over a camp fire

You will need: 

an orange, cut in half with the pulp removed
pillsbury canned cinnamon rolls (or whatever brand)
a camp fire 

1. Open your can of cinnamon rolls and pull out one ‘slice’ at a time. Place one slice in the center of each of your scooped out orange halves. Set aside the icing, preferably on the edge of the fire pit so it gets a bit warmed up.

Camp fire baked orange cinnamon rolls recipe

2. Wrap the whole orange half and cinnamon roll in tinfoil, making sure it’s mostly sealed so heat will build up inside.

3. Place NEAR the coals, but not IN the coals. Tinfoil can burn, did you know that? I didn’t know that before this experiment (which is why these pictures are a little bit scorched. A camp fire is definitely not a perfect cooking science). The first batch turned into orange cinnamon roll charcoal. Not very delicious. 

Camp fire baked orange cinnamon rolls recipe

That's all it takes to have a seriously impressive breakfast! My kids especially loved this meal because it was so hands on. They got to help scoop the pulp out of the oranges, and wrap them up. And unwrapping them was basically like unwrapping a present! Except it was breakfast. And cinnamon rolls. Really you can't go wrong with cinnamon rolls! 

Camp fire baked orange cinnamon rolls recipe

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  1. These look delicious and as we are having a rare sunny day here we might just cook outside. It won't be breakfast but I'm happy to eat cinnamon rolls anytime!