Monday, February 27, 2017

Winter Boho Fringe, and the Reality of Transitioning to Spring from Winter.

Well, it's finally starting to warm up here in Boise, so I'm going to post the last wintery outfit today in anticipation of WARMER WEATHER (wooooo!!)

This is something I threw together with a little more of a boho vibe, I've been feeling more flowey, fringe-y, natural colored clothes lately. Which is weird for me because I usually err on the side of slightly edgy and streamlined, but something about the fun flowey pieces is feeling like a nice change for spring. Which is probably while I wore this while snow was still on the ground! 

It looks pretty cute, right? I mean, someone even asked me how I managed to stay so cute when it's freaking cold outside. Heh, I'll show you below! 

Sweater: Unknown brand from Goodwill, $4 // Boots: Lucky Brand from Goodwill, $6 // Leggings: Victoria's Secret, $35 (you can buy them here at Victoria's Secret) // Tank: Unknown brand, Goodwill, $2 // Sunglasses: Ann Taylor LOFT, from Goodwill, $2 // Choker: Wal Mart (I know right? I was surprised too!) $5 // Gigantic coat: Unknown, free (stolen a gift from my mom)

Outfit total cost: $54 (hey, this is a LOT for me!!)

The reality of taking pics in winter is usually closer to the pic above. It was COLD when I took these shots only a couple weeks ago. Like, almost below zero, I couldn't feel my hands cold. So in between shots I wore a gigantic puffer coat the covers up all the cuteness underneath. Bloggers, especially fashion bloggers, have to fudge this kind of thing a lot. I mean, yeah, my outfit is cute, but I get frostbite just like the next girl! 

I promise though, this is my absolute last winter outfit for a while, I'm too excited about spring and dresses and sandals to stomach one more sweater + leggings pairing again for a while! 
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