Thursday, March 9, 2017

11 Things That Rock About Being Over 30!


To celebrate, not only am I sharing my birthday outfit with you, I'm giving you my personal reasons why your 30's are so, so much better than anything before them. Don't believe me? Check this shit out: 

Dress: Expess via Goodwill, $6 // Necklace: Old, I can't remember from where! // Shoes: Thrifted from Savers for $6 // Rings: F21 // Makeup: BareMinerals on my face and a Tarte lipstick

First-let's take 1 sec for this dress, yo. How cute is this?

Eleven Things That Rock About Being Over 30

1. You’re like, really a grown up. For real.
People take you seriously as an adult. Score!

2. You don’t get carded, but if you do it’s a compliment.
Know what I think when I get carded now? "Omgomgomgomg...they think I might actually be under 21!!"

3. You’ve got your shit (mostly) together(ish).
I feel like...I mostly have my life together now. I know where I've been and I have a great idea of where I'm going. It's not perfect but I'm juggling adulthood pretty damn well.

4. Your confidence is at all time-highs.
I honestly, truly love myself. My thighs are still "too big" or whatever, but you know what? I love those things about me!

5. You’re still young enough to be silly, but old enough to be taken seriously.
This speaks for itself. If I want to do a photoshoot with a pink dress and balloons? Hell yeah. Do I also get to represent myself as a professional woman who deserves respect? Yes I do! Because I am!

6. Your sense of style has solidified.
I know what I like. Dude, shopping is WAY easier.

7. You patience with bullshit is at all time lows.
I feel no guilt about saying "no" to people anymore. In fact, I don't mind it at all. If you don't like that I'm saying no to you you, you can pound sand. But this also means that when I say yes, you know I'm not doing it out of guilt! And how awesomely freeing for the people in my life is that?

8. You know what you want from your relationships.
You've likely had a few (friendships and romantic) relationships by the time you're in your 30's, so you have a really good idea of the kinds of things you want and the kinds of things you have to offer other people. Which means the people in your life are much more compatible with who you are as a person. You may have less friends when you're over 30, but the friends you have a really, truly good friends who love you.

9. You really notice the good things when they happen, and...

10. don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.
For real. If someone you know doesn't like you? can't be everyone's cup of tea. If you don't meet up with someone's standards,...who cares? You'll find people who love you anyways. The small stuff doesn't seem so big and the big stuff doesn't seem so huge anymore. 

11. You have more respect for, and (WAY) less competition with other women.

This is one I debated adding...but it's SO true. Women are socialized to be so competitive with each other! We tear each other down, or judge each other when we so don't need to over silly things. In your 30's that attitude starts to fade into the bigger picture. Suddenly, we're all the same kind of human fighting the good fight, dealing with the same issues and just raising each other up. In your 30's it becomes so much easier to value those amazing women in your life. And we need each other!

So, Happy Birthday to me, and love to all you other amazing ladies out there rocking 30+. We're freaking awesome!

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  1. This is such a great post! Happy birthday, I'm glad you are embracing it and moving forward with all this optimism!