Saturday, March 25, 2017

The 4 trends I'll be Trying This Spring

After what seemed like the longest and snowiest winter in Idaho history, we finally have spring weather! 

Of course, if you follow me on Instagram you've already seen me break out my dresses as soon as the temps hit 55 degrees. No, seriously. This girl is from the Pacific Northwest, spring for us starts at 40 degrees and it snows until June some years. 

Now that the weather is finally cooperating, there are the four trends this year that I'm dying to try for spring and summer! 

1. Ruffles

 I'm normally NOT a ruffle fan, to be honest. I feel like they're too girly and frilly for me and I always end up feeling like I'm wearing a layer cake. But the ruffles I'm seeing this spring are anything but precious, so I'll jump on board.

2. Statement sleeves

Obviously! I love floaty bell sleeves on the dress above from Maurices, and I've been seeing really cute sleeve details this season, from cutouts to ruffles.

3. Bare shoulder tops

 I love the asymmetrical look and feel of one bare shoulder (I have a DIY coming soon for one) and the sexiness of baring both. I'll be rocking this trend a lot this spring and summer.

4. Chokers 

Having lived through the choker trend the first time ( chokers anyone? Yeah, no.) I'll freely admit I was skeptical. But the chokers I'm seeing for spring are light, airy barely-there necklaces, NOT the 90's era goth accessory I knew and (*ahem) loved from my childhood. So I'm totally partaking! 

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