Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Five Minute DIY Trendy Choker Graphic T-Shirt: Make Your Own!

I've been seeing these cute choker tees everywhere this spring. My favorite was probably this one from American Eagle ("ain't no thing" stole my heart with that color pink)

It's a cute and weird combo of a turtleneck, halter top and necklace. Plus, it skirts the line between being sexy and still not showing everything off.

You're lookin' at my DIY version of a choker t-shirt! (And the back end of my friend's vintage Impala)

Fun face about me: I LOATHE crew neck t-shirts. I hate hate hate feeling like there's something tight around my neck. Which is fine because usually that neckline makes me look like a linebacker anyways. But it does mean I can't buy a lot of the really cute slogan and graphic tees out there.

This phases of the moon tee from Target was the perfect shirt to test this DIY on! I love the graphic and the shirt fit perfectly. And I'm stoked with how well it turned out! 

Want to make your own? Here's what you'll need:

Fold your shirt down the center, and lay flat. Cut starting at your center fold and cut up to the very edge of the collar. 

Fold out your shirt again and make sure it's even! Then carefully cut around the edge of the collar.

Congrats! You're done, and now you have your own custom choker tee!

Boom! Now that you've made your choker t-shirt go rock it in real life. And wasn't it so easy?

I was going to put on a super awesome outfit but ended up just shooting in leggings and tennis shoes because that's what I had on. And you know what? It totally works! This tee is now in my regular rotation I am loving it! 

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