Saturday, December 9, 2017

How to Style a Bralette for cold weather (when you're not a teenager)

True story: Since writing this post my mom totally stole this sweater from me. THANKS MOM.

Bralettes were everywhere last summer. Literally everywhere. Now I love them as much as the next girl, but apparently college girls are actually just wearing them as shirts? This is a thing? Get off my lawn, whippersnappers.

Damn does that make me feel old and uncool, but I digress. 

I also loved bralettes, mostly because bralettes basically made wearing a sports bra everywhere socially acceptable, even "cool." Also because I don't have large enough boobs to really need that much support. I basically haven't put on a "real" bra in six months #owningit.

Here's how I style my favorite Victoria's Secret bralette, while still not being a teenager:

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1. Layer your bralette under something warm (and covers you up) 

For real guys, this isn't like the "leggings as pants" debate, your bra is not a shirt. I wore wine with this big, fring-y soft sweater (and yes, I had it pinned closed, lol)

2. Let your bralette show, but keep everything else simple.

My bralette is gorgeous lace with a high neck, designed to be shown off. So everything else is neutral, I kept the bottom simple by wearing black leggings and even though you can't see them, simple black booties.

3. Let your bralette just barely peek out

I feel silly saying "modest is hottest," but when you're talking about letting your underwear show as fashion it's so true. This is a sexy piece of clothing, so letting just a peek show instead of letting it all hang out (lol) really is hottest!

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