Monday, January 15, 2018

5 Lazy Girl Tips for Workout Motivation (When the Couch is Calling Your Name)

I don't know if you've noticed, but this girl loves food.

This girl also really wants to keep myself in shape, but when you'd rather sit and crochet (or eat that fourth gluten-free waffle at midnight) workout motivation can seriously lag.

In honor of January and New Year's Resolutions, here's my top 5 lazy girl tips to stay motivated to work out when the couch is calling your name:

1. Love your body NOW. 

Stand in front of a mirror, and take a sec to really, really love your body.

True story, this is so much harder than it sounds! But appreciate what your body can do right now, not after you can run five miles, or after you lose 15 lbs. You'll get yourself motivated for the right reasons.

YOU are awesome, you deserve to be treated awesomely, and your body is the house "you" live in. And because you're awesome, you deserve an awesome house, a house for "you" that you treat as awesomely as you deserve.

Love it. Flaunt it. Now go make it even better!

2. Tell yourself you're looking forward to working out--even when you're (really) not.

Tell yourself this:

  • "I get to go work out today" 
  • "I can't wait to work out today"
  • "I'm seriously looking forward to running/hiking/the gym/lifting weights"
Even if you don't actually feel excited way at all, repeating these phrases will reprogram your brain and change the way you feel about workouts. I promise you'll really start to believe when you tell yourself  "I can't wait to work out."

3. Make your workout a zen space.

When you work out, shut off your brain from all the ugly, boring or stressful things in your day. Play your favorite feel-good music. Listen to your favorite guilty pleasure podcast. Surf Pinterest on the stationary bike.

Whatever you need to do to make your workout a stress-free environment, do it. Take this time to really enjoy yourself, and focus on meeting your need for some "me" time.

4. Get yo'self some cute workout clothes. 

Since I don't live in Scottsdale, AZ, I don't wear my workout gear around town unless I've actually know...working out.

Treating myself to some cute workout clothes is a huge motivator not just to work out more often, but while I'm working out I know I look like a million bucks.

(This cute outfit is courtesy of Fleet Feet Meridian, my favorite place to shop local stylin' workout gear.)

5. Really celebrate every time you get your butt off the couch.

Seriously tell yourself how awesome you are. It's so hard to squeeze time out of every day to be active, so take those crucial post-workout minutes to really savor how proud you are of yourself. You deserve it!

Notice how your body is changing and celebrate your accomplishments. And hey, getting off the couch for a quick walk can be a serious accomplishment! 

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