Saturday, January 20, 2018

Men's XL Sweatshirt to Scalloped Crop Top DIY

Cropped sweatshirts are everywhere right now, and I was a staunch hold out in true old lady fashion. 

Until I thrifted a giant lavender Izod sweatshirt and cropped it, and now I'm in love. I am now cropping all. The. Things.

I literally can't believe I can, like, get away with actually wearing what amounts to PJ's in public and still look "cool" or whatever the kids are saying these days. 

After cropping the hell out of several 90's vintage men's sweatshirts, I decided to up my game and make this cropped scalloped version, which to me seems just a little bit cuter and more feminine. 

Click "read more" for full instructions after the jump!

1. Start with a basic, XL sweatshirt, and cut off the hem like this: 

I found this oversized men's sweatshirt at my local Idaho Youth Ranch for just $2, and cropped it down to the length I wanted it (which for me is a couple inches above my hip).

If you can't find a sweatshirt you like at a thrift store (or thrifting isn't your thing) there are some basic cute options on Amazon for between $6-$12.

2. Choose a small bowl or glass as a template for your scallops: 

I used a small serving bowl from Target, about the same size around as a coffee mug. I wanted my scallops to be on the bigger side, but you could use a shot glass to make small scallops as well.

3. Trace around your mug along the bottom of your sweatshirt to create your scallops:

Turn your sweatshirt inside-out and mark how far up from the bottom your scallops will go. I drew a straight line with a sharpie at this point so I could be sure they were all even.

Start on the back side, so that if you mess up it won't show as bad, and trace your bowl/mug/whatever along the cut-off bottom of the sweatshirt.

4. Using (sharp!) scissors, cut out along the lines you traced: 

Using SHARP scissors, cut our your scallops. Be careful to make your cuts smooth around the curves.

5. Finish cutting, get rid of the fabric scraps and you're done! 

Double check and make sure your cuts are even. You can see in the pic above that my lines were a little messy, I went back and made sure to fix the curves so they were nice and smooth.

And you're done!!

If you liked this one, be sure to check out all my other DIY's too! I'm kind of a no-sew project hoe at this point, lol.

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